New Emission Regulation

Dear customer,

You may have read recently that the Government has decided to ban bituminous house coal in England.

As you buy your coal from us – a registered coal merchant – you will still be able to take deliveries up until April 2023.  You will move over to a Smokeless fuel -Burnwell Plus.

Other changes that are proposed will be that manufactured smokeless fuels from May 2021 must not contain more than 2% Sulphur. We will of course by this time only be supplying this type of product and I am confident you will notice little difference in performance, so there will be no need for concern.  You will be able to continue to enjoy your solid fuel heating well into the future.

Also from February 2021 all wood supplies must be below 18% moisture content. All wood we supply now already meets this requirement, as we only sell kiln dried hardwood Ash and Birch logs.

I hope this clarifies the situation for you, and rest assured that should any further changes occur going forward we will update the website with the information.

Thank you,
Eric Nicholson

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